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Every few years I pick up my little pet skeleton avatar, dust him off and give him a fresh new look. This time around, I've taken a deeper look at the logo that's followed me for the last 15 years. First off, I've settled into the idea that the next phase of my career is to really focus on the pictures in my head, I have 100's queued at this point, and I intend to MAKE all of them! I'm also hoping to connect much more with my audience. I've spent years meeting with my patrons (new and old) at conventions and art shows and I love those interactions. I want to echo those experiences online, which is why I've decided make this little shop.

With these intentions in mind, I had to ask myself some important questions... Why am I doing this? What am I trying to say as an artist? Who's listening? I worked through these questions while crafting the new logo which quickly evolved into a kind of seal or crest. The new MPS design became a kind of response to those questions having packed it with numerological and symbolic details. The image below is the work up sheet for the revamped avatar. I have it hanging in my studio looming over me... And so, without further ado... which is just fancy talk for me to stop blah-blah-blah-ing... I present the new My Pet Skeleton seal... 

For those interested, this is the breakdown of the My Pet Skeleton seal. Each piece below relates in some way to the seal above.

1) 100 beams of light
2) 8 rings
3) the eye
4) the self
5) dreaming deep
6) mythos
7) kingdom
8) harnessing light and reflecting it back
9) a guide