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About the Artist

"My Pet Skeleton" is the pseudonym for the award-winning graphic artist Vincent Marcone. This curious-sounding epithet caught on, crept in, and slowly replaced his own name.  As “My Pet Skeleton”, Vincent catapulted to early success when his work and online worlds caught the attention of David Bowie, Guillermo Del Toro, Clive Barker, and the Godfather of Goth himself, Peter Murphy. His particular approach to painting album covers, designing intricate online worlds, and directing weirdo music videos has earned him awards from places as diverse as the Emmys, the Junos, and even a Cannes Film Festival nomination for his short film, “The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow.” 

Vincent developed his unique style by combining his affection for the 600-year-old art of intaglio printmaking with his love of computer graphics. Early in his studies he would scrape and etch and carve his images onto zinc plates of all shapes and sizes, then send them hurtling through antiquated hand-turned presses. This experience and love of an old world aesthetic is what sets him apart from other digital artists. He handles his digital paintings as he handled his etchings, focusing in on the line work and meticulously placing each pixel to convey a sense of mood and ambiance. Drawing from a personal library of over 500 original textures (each created with metal plates and hand-wiped inks), Marcone uses his computer to fuse together media of all sorts to create imagery that is part of a larger story. 

Vincent lives in Kitchener, Ontario where he is currently painting new pictures and crafting new tales.


My Pet Skeleton interview with InnerSpace
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 Awards Description Project Title Client Year
Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize People's Choice Award Nothing Can Stop Ileana NA 2019
Aurora Award Best English Graphic Novel The Lady ParaNorma NA 2016
Juno Award
Best Album Cover & Design
It Dreams
Emmy Award
Creative Director & Designer for an Online Installation
Out My Window National Film Board of Canada 2011
Emmy Award
Creative Director & Designer for an Online Installation & Game
Fallen ABC / Xenophile 2007
Emmy Nomination
Creative Director & Designer for an Online Narrative & Game Inside Hana's Suitcase CBC / Xenophile 2010
Cannes Film Festival Nomination
Best Digital Short
The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow
NA 2008
Genie Nomination
Best Short Film
The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow
NA 2008
New Orleans Film Festival
Best Animated Short
The Lady ParaNorma

Much Music Video Nomination
Best Music Video (4 nominations)  Feel It Jakalope 2005
FWA  Site of the Year Award
Best Flash Website Johnny Hollow Riddle Site Johnny Hollow 2003
Master Craftsmanship Award
Best Portfolio of Work NA NA 1998